“…Blessed is the wealth of a Muslim from which he gives to the poor, the orphans and to needy travellers. (Or the Prophet said something similar to it) No doubt, whoever consumes wealth illegally will be like the one who eats but is never satisfied, and his wealth will be a witness against him on the Day of Resurrection.” [Sahih al-Bukhari 1465]

Muslims in the West today have an abundance of opportunities to invest their money in, but unfortunately many are unaware of what is actually permissible. It’s difficult enough to know whether a potential opportunity makes good business sense, but even less seem to consider if the investment is acceptable according to the shariah.

Attend our online course on the Principles of Islamic Transactions and you will learn the criteria you should apply to any opportunity before parting with your hard earned money. Topics include:

• What is trade?
• What makes a contract valid / invalid?
• Investing: risk analysis, investing smart, avoiding fraud/scams
• How should capital flow in an Islamic economic system?

Course Teachers:

Shaykh Dr Sajid Umar, Islamic Finance Dept, the Islamic Council of Europe

Umer Suleman, General Manager of Wahed Invest UK

Safdar Alam, CEO of Maydan Capital


Duration: Five live sessions (recordings available)


  • Monday 22nd November 2021 (8pm UK GMT)
  • Wednesday 24th November 2021 (8pm UK GMT)
  • Monday 29th November 2021 (8pm UK GMT)
  • Wednesday 1st December 2021 (8pm UK GMT)
  • Monday 6th December 2021 (8pm UK GMT)

Fee: £70

Location: Online

Terms & Conditions apply