Sessions can be provisionally booked by applying online here.

If we agree to take on your case we will call you to finalise an agreed date and time.

A session with an advisor may not exceed 60 minutes

This will differ on a case to case basis.

In the far majority of cases for reconciliation to take place the presence of all parties is mandatory. However exceptions can be made where warranted and applicable.

Yes - all fees are outlined here.

Payments can be made either by Bank transfer, PayPal or cash.

No. All payments must be made at least 48 hours prior to your session

Yes however you may incur a cost. If the session is cancelled before 3 weeks of your agreed session date, then no fee is incurred. There is a 30% charge of the session fee for any cancellations that occur between 1 and 3 weeks of your agreed session date. If the session is cancelled within one week of the session date a fee of 50% is chargeable.