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Important: Please ensure that you select the service related to your case. Failure to select the correct service will result in re-arrangement of your appointment. Please read service details and information on fees before proceeding.

Appointments relating to existing cases must be made via phone or e-mail (to ensure that the same adviser handles the case). Please call 0208 610 9870 with your case reference number.

  • Application to dissolve Islamic marriage contract
  • Initial stages:
    • Initial assessment interview
    • Following assessment, decision made by panel if case taken on or not
    • If case taken on, husband contacted to be informed of application and necessary steps taken thereafter (including joint meetings)
Please note:
1. Total fees are £500 (£250 initial assessment fee covers the first session and an additional £250 will be due upon progression beyond the initial assessment session*)
2. Khula is NOT A GUARANTEE at the end of the process.
3. If there is no contact from the client for a period of three months or more, the council will automatically close the case and by policy there will be no reminders communicated of the closure.

More information on fees

  • Validity of a past divorce
  • Divorce in anger
  • Three divorces in one sitting
  • Islamic divorce vs civil divorce
  • Cases of Talaaq
  • Validity of Khula'/Faskh
  • To apply for Khula', please select service 'Application for Khula'
Please note: Both husband and wife are required to attend. More information on fees

  • Both husband and wife wanting to divorce Islamically. Please note:
    • Both husband and wife are required to attend
    • Wife must not be on her menstrual cycle at time of appointment
    • Husband and wife should not have had any intimacy since the wife's last menstrual cycle
    • Certification is only issued once the wife has completed the 'iddah period
  • Husband/Wife seeking paperwork for previous divorce
  • For queries relating to Khula', please select service 'Application for Khula’
More information on fees

  • Validity of Nikah
  • Custody of children
  • Non-financial disputes
Please note: All parties involved in the dispute are required to attend before any verdict is issued. The Council will try its utmost best to conclude the case within the first session. However, some complex cases may require further sessions (with additional fees - a quote will be provided after the first session). In some cases, the Council may not be able to provide a solution, due to the information presented or other external factors. More information on fees