The Islamic Council of Europe is a non-profit organisation and we have tried to minimise the cost of our service to make it affordable for people on all budgets.

Fees for sessions must be paid for in advance through PayPal or Bank Transfer.

Advice related to marriage£70 per session*
Judgement related to Talaaq (Divorce)£120 per session*
Islamic divorce certification£150 (session and paperwork)
Halal certification / Shari’ah compliance£250 for initial consultation**
Fatwa related to personal finance£150 per session*
Fatwa related to business£250 per session*
Judgement related to financial disputes£250 for first session**
Judgement related to business disputes£250 for first session*
Islamic wills/inheritance advice£100 per session*
Judgement related to inheritance disputes:£250 for first session**
Judgement related to other disputes: £150 per session*
Contract checking£250 for initial consultation session**
Khula’ / Faskh / Islamic Nikah dissolution£200 initial registration fee. Overall fees – up to £450 (including the initial registration fee)
Wali appointment£50 – Initial assessment session* (total processing fees £150***)
General/MiscellaneousFrom £50 per session*

*Up to an hour

**Up to an hour. Further fees dependant on nature and complexity of case

***Subject to case approval

Subsidy Requests (financial hardship fund):

If you are finding it difficult to pay, please contact us so we can try and arrange a payment plan and / or a subsidy.

Please send an email to [email protected] or call 0208 610 9870