Fatwa Related to Business/Project

Calculating Zakat on business assets Company debts / assets Business partnerships Advice on business processes General business advice New business ideas New project ideas More information on fees

Judgement Related to Business Disputes

Judgement related to business disputes Disputes between business partners Please note: Cases subject to a disputed amount of £10,000 or less will not be handled. All parties involved in the dispute are required to attend before any verdict is issued. The Council will try its utmost best to conclude the case within the first session. … Continued

Halal Certification / Shari’ah Compliance

Halal certification How to set up a company according to the Islamic guidelines Shari’ah Compliance Certifying Zakatable Projects More information on fees

Contract Checking

To check whether a contract conforms to Shari’ah and Islamic requirements Please note: This is an initial consultation to evaluate the nature of the contract. Following which a quote will be given for the complete work. More information on fees