Judgement Related to Other Disputes

Validity of Nikah Custody of children Non-financial disputes Please note: All parties involved in the dispute are required to attend before any verdict is issued. The Council will try its utmost best to conclude the case within the first session. However, some complex cases may require further sessions (with additional fees – a quote will … Continued

Contract Checking

To check whether a contract conforms to Shari’ah and Islamic requirements Please note: This is an initial consultation to evaluate the nature of the contract. Following which a quote will be given for the complete work. More information on fees


Fataawa related to all other matters, such as: Family issues Da’wah advice Personal problems Any other advice Please note: If your matter is classified as one of the¬†aforementioned services, the admin team will adjust your booking accordingly (can be subject to change in appointment date and fees) More information on fees