Judgement Related to Other Disputes

Validity of Nikah Custody of children Non-financial disputes Please note: All parties involved in the dispute are required to attend before any verdict is issued. The Council will try its utmost best to conclude the case within the first session. However, some complex cases may require further sessions (with additional fees – a quote will … Continued

Validity of Divorce

Validity of a past divorce Divorce in anger Three divorces in one sitting Islamic divorce vs civil divorce Cases of Talaaq Validity of Khula’/Faskh To apply for Khula’, please select service ‘Application for Khula’ Please note: Both husband and wife are required to attend. More information on fees

Advice Related to Wali Cases

Women who want to marry but do not have a Wali How to deal with a Wali who is abusing his right of guardianship Fatwa regarding marriage without Wali Please note: Only the wife-to-be and/or any other family member are required for the appointment. The courter (man proposing) is not required for the appointment Cases … Continued

Marriage Advice

Marital discord / dispute Marriage reconciliation How to solve disagreements over rights, duties and responsibilities How to solve disagreements over financial disputes Rulings related to the Islamic custody of the children How to resolve disputes over in-laws relationship and rights We request that clients try their best to attend with their spouses, otherwise advice may … Continued