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Marriage Matters Workshop: London – Our first physical event in over 2 years!

And it is Allah who has given you spouses from amongst yourselves and through them He has given you children and grandchildren and provided you with good things. How can they believe in falsehood and deny Allah’s blessings?… [An-Nahl: 72] Is your marriage the one you had dreamt of? Do you want to unlock the … Continued

Foster Friday

The Islamic Council of Europe are supporting the national #FosterFriday campaign by My Foster Family To register your Mosque and receive a Friday sermon information pack visit: https://muslimfosternetwork.org.uk/foster-friday

Islamic Council: Zakat Policy

In this document The Islamic Council is presenting a set of principles, practices, and procedures that a charity organisation will need to follow and adhere to in the collection, allocation and distribution of Zakāh funds. Due to the diversity of Zakāh donors, the multiple locations a charity organisation may operate projects in, and the modern nature of finance and poverty, this policy is designed to be as encompassing and accommodating as possible from a Muslim legal perspective. This policy seeks to adopt scholarly positions that would be readily accepted by the majority of Islamic scholarship in most scenarios and circumstances.

The 3 Blessings of Having Taqwā in Your Marital Disputes

Whether the spats and fights you have with your spouse are big or small, the number one thing every party must keep in mind and practice is, to have Taqwā (fear/consciousness of Allah). This might prove to be difficult when you are in the heat of an argument, but if you train yourself from the beginning, then it will help you to be reminded of it when a dispute does arise.

3 Ways to Win with Kin

At the Council, the far majority of grievances that we address are connected to the deteriorating relationships between family members. In this piece, Shaykh Farid Haibatan would like to shed light on what he believes to be three critical tips that will go a long way in assisting us succeeding in both winning with our kin, and pleasing Allah, the Lord of man and Jinn.

The Maqāṣid (Higher Objectives) of Marriage: Part One

By: Shaykh Ali Hammuda Introduction The Muslim Ummah is experiencing many challenges, however, none is more threatening than the disintegration of the Muslim family. In fact, most of humanity’s travesties can arguably be traced back to it. Iain Duncan Smith, the former British Work and Pensions Secretary, said that children from broken homes are nine … Continued

ICE Annual Fundraising Dinner 2022

Join us for an evening of inspirational reminders, eye-opening case studies and a delicious three-course meal, as we come together to support families in need and help raise funds to keep our families together Enjoy a delicious 3-course meal at the prestigious Saffron Kitchen and be inspired by renowned speakers: Shaykh Dr Haitham Al-Haddad Shaykh … Continued

Stand4Uyghurs Campaign

The Islamic Council of Europe are supporting the ‘Stand4Uyghurs’ campaign (powered by Islam21c): Khutbah template Mosque announcement Protest details Support the campaign