ICE Scholars & Imams Online Symposium (12th May 2020)

The Islamic Council of Europe, having been inundated with questions in relation to ‘Eid during the Coronavirus pandemic, held an online symposium to discuss solutions for the Muslim community.

The symposium was well attended, with over 40 scholars from all different backgrounds participating to discuss matters relating to ‘Eid prayer arrangements, broadcasting of the adhaan in public and performing I’tikaaf at home.

Main points of discussion:

  • As the current lockdown restrictions prohibit the opening of places worship, the following points were discussed in relation to ‘Eid guidelines:
    • The scholars present raised no issues or concerns in regard to praying the ‘Eid prayer at home
    • Should mosques push local authorities to allow for public ‘Eid prayer to take place?
    • The ‘Eid prayer is unique and one of the major symbols of Islam (even menstruating women were instructed to attend the musallah even though they would not be able to pray therefore)
    • Prioritise the safety of the people over all other things. Social distancing is very unlikely to be maintained even if it was stipulated in addition to other rules
    • The establishment of the masjid must continue and can never be fully closed. We shouldn’t be too quick to making a blanket ruling especially when there are workarounds that can occur in some circumstances.
    • POLL: Should we request for an approval for allowance by authorities to have ‘Eid gatherings where possible?
      • For: 50%
      • Against: 50%
  • Broadcasting of the Adhaan:
    • A great opportunity for Muslims in the UK for this symbol to be established in the UK
    • This should be done case by case, perhaps a rota system for mosques in close succession.
    • Precedence already present due to the ringing of church bells
    • Poll: should we request the authorities to allow the adhaan to be broadcast publicly?
      • For: 95%
      • Against: 5%
  • I’tikaaf:
    • This is a personal ‘ibaadah so perhaps this is not required to be discussed in this symposium
    • Perhaps (another perspective): Should masaajid allow some people to do i’tikaaf in the masaajid?
    • Issue with this is who decides who is eligible to come and who isn’t?
      • Perhaps it can be done by limiting it to the management and guardians/care takers of the masaajid
    • Poll: Should we push the masaajid to allow for some people to observe i’tikaaf in them?
      • Yes: 70%
      • No: 26%

May Allah SWT reward all those that participated an make the gathering a source of benefit for the Ummah.

Scholars present:

  • Chair of Symposium: Shaqur Rehman (The Islamic Council of Europe)
  • Abdul Razak Ibrahim (Seven Sisters Masjid)
  • Abdullah Patel (Masjid e Umar)
  • Abdullah Seedat (Islamic Foundation Palmela)
  • Abu Ibrahim
  • Ahmad Barouni (SAIS)
  • Ahmed Moulana M Wahab (Shahjalal Masjid)
  • Akhter Raouf (Al-Noor)
  • Alnoor Kara (IANL)
  • Amjad Mohammed (Wifaqul Ulama | BBSI | The Olive Foundation)
  • Ebrahim Walele (Bracknell Islamic Cultural Society)
  • Farid Haibatan (MRDF)
  • Fraz Farhat (MRDF)
  • Fuad Abdo (Al-Ansar IEC)
  • Dr Haitham al-Haddad (The Islamic Council of Europe)
  • Hamid Qureshi (IANL)
  • Hilal Patel
  • Ibrahim Hourani (Halalcheck Institute)
  • Ibrahim Oyedele (League of Nigerian Imams and scholars)
  • Ibrahim Yusuf (Roobitah)
  • Ilyas dalal (Illahi Masjid)
  • Khairul Islam (Jalalia Jamme Masjid, Enfield)
  • Khalid Mirza (Madani Education Trust)
  • Khubaeb Raja (Balham mosque & Tooting Islamic Centre)
  • M Q (Lewisham Islamic Centre)
  • Mirazam Khan (UKIM)
  • Mohamed Ali Mohamed (Al-Furqan Islamic Centre)
  • Mohammad Mohammad Athar (Al Huda Welfare Foundation UK)
  • Mohammed Yusuf (Q Muslims of Manchester)
  • Mohamoud Farah (Badr Academy for Arabic Language Studies)
  • Mu’aawiyah Tucker (Al MAdaar)
  • Muhammad Abdul-Latif
  • Mustapha Azhar (Darut Taqwa)
  • Omar Hajaj (West London Islamic Cultural Centre)
  • Safwaan Hussein (Islamic Culture and Education Centre Battersea)
  • Sanel Haskic
  • Shaqur Rehman (The Islamic Council of Europe)
  • Talha Jan Müller (GDM e.V.)
  • Wasim Kempson (The Wise Muslim)
  • Yaser Saleh (Norbury Muslim Centre)
  • Zahed Fettah (Ibn Rushd Institute of Excellence for Islamic Research)

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