Your Zakat questions answered

Important Zakat Advice:

Best way to calculate your Zakat

Who can receive Zakat?

Shall I give Zakat local or abroad?

Can Zakat be used for community projects?

Can Zakat be given to family members?

Which family members pays Zakat?

Which Nisab to use for Zakat – gold or silver?

Is Zakat due on a mortgage?

Do I pay Zakat on my jewellery?

Do charities pay Zakat?

Is Zakat due on a student loan?

Can the person that collects Zakat take a salary for it?

How to calculate Zakat for an online business

Is Zakat due on land?

How to calculate Zakat on debts

How to calculate Zakat on companies

Paying Zakat on shares

Zakat on deposits and advance payments

Zakat on a shared asset

Zakat on behalf of the deceased

How to calculate Zakat during divorce proceedings

Is Zakat due on pensions?

Is Zakat due on company tax benefits?

How do prisoners pay Zakat?

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